Intended Consequences

This is pretty heavy, but an amazing piece of multimedia and digital storytelling.

Intended Consequences is a narrative not about the 1 million people who perished in the Rwandan genocide, but the women who survived. The accounts of 30 Tutsi women are told through photographs, videos, and interviews by Jonathan Torgovnik of MediaStorm.

This media is so powerful undoubtedly because the stories are so powerful. The women recount their memories of watching their families being murdered, thrown into mass graves, being raped, and watching after their children now, who are not really theirs.

Some parts of the narrative are simply told in text, which flash on the screen. It is clear that these are things that are too hard for the women to say. Some words are emphasized as the women recount their memories.

The photographs that accompany the interviews are gripping because of how personal they are. In some the images the women are crying, in others they are holding their faces, and you can see their scars, external and invisible. The varying between video and images is almost indistinguishable because of how vivid the pictures are.

I was so impressed by the compilation of multimedia that I checked the credits for contributers. Aside from a primary photographer/interviewer, there was also a producer, executive producer, on-location videographer, a graphic designer, translator, and studio videographer who put together this piece of online journalism This attention to the production process is not uncommon for MediaStorm, which is an award-winning multimedia production studio that works with visual storytellers, interactive designers and global organizations. They are self described “next generation journalists” who create “cinematic narratives that speak to the heart of the human condition.”


One thought on “Intended Consequences

  1. ksp527 says:

    I remember studying the genocide in Rwanda when I was in 10th grade. I remember thinking of how horrible and scary it must have been for all those people but the way Intended Consequences made me feel was so different from learning about it in class. It felt like those women were telling their story to me, it made it that much more personal and that much more powerful. Really great post, thanks for sharing Eliza!

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